The money clip is made of a special hardened steel.
No clip is more complex, varied and better.
Whether as a money clip for your evening than in the office Dokumentenkalmmer
or as a bookmark on the beach.

The Variation

Our models are:

Stainless Stell, Black Edition, Sterling-Silver plated and 24-Carat-Gold plated

Cap colour

We've got the Colours:

 blue, green, purple, messing, nature, orange, red and black

The Versions

Whether lasered, printed or 3D relief. The money clip can be personalized for you, framed.
We are happy to assist them in deciding and designing.


Combine, replace the cover to your liking with
our stainless steel staples gloss and Black Edition.
A clip - infinitely cover!

Different printed and in countless color combinations.

Our cap colors

You have the option between these different color variations to choose.
The choices are: black, white, magenta, yellow, and green signal.
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