3D Models

Drollinger GmbH Abt. Memory-Clip world wide with its headquarters in Birkenfeld / Gräfenhausen offers the production of high precision prototypes.


Our company is specialized in the complete production process, from the creation of the 3D model to the delivery of finished metal model.

What should you do?

Send us your pattern or STL files. We would be pleased construct your model according to their drawings. You will receive the pattern as files for review before it comes for further processing.

To the product in few steps

1. Development and processing on the screen

First, the model is constructed and edited as a file or subscription with us at the PC. Once we are finished with this step, we check the file and make it print-ready for our 3D printer.

2. Print

The file is then feeded and printed in the 3D printer. We obtain an accurate 3D model of model and support growth. Subsequently, the model comes in a solution. In this step, the supporting wax is triggered, so that at the end of our model remains pure.

3. To embed and pour the model

Our model is now embedded with a special Gibs. Is this Gibs hardens us to the next step, the casting. With our own oven and Schmelztigeln we ourselves have the opportunity to cast the models. So all steps to stay in our house.

4. postprocess the model

In our final step, our model is reworked. Smallest impurities and surveys to be repaired in this step before we bring the products for polishing and finishing.

Samples for 3D Modells

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