What we do

Thicker wallet, baggy trouser pockets, loose leaves. Do you have the same problems?

With our Money Clip no longer a problem.

Everything firmly in hand, together you have heard everything together.

The production takes place exclusively in Germany and our products are manufactured according to the customer in the shortest possible time. Visit our ONLINE STORE.


We also specialize in small series. We offer series as from 50 pieces. More volumes are processed by appointment.

What's new?


The Memory-Clip with 4GB and 8GB.


Vario-Clip, ideal product and newest member in our assortment with unmistakable cap's.

Create your own 3D Money Clip.
What should you do?

Select your clip, its cover and its 3D design, which we will customize it for you.
We will send you a sample. Are you satisfied, confirm our pattern and beautiful,

we can start the production.

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